The holidays are upon us and family and friends will be coming for short and long visits. There was a recent survey that showed the worst things you could do to irritate your hosts. In other words, don't do these things.

HomeAdvisor asked 2,000 people what is their biggest pet peeves when family or friends come to stay.

1. Staying indefinitely.

2.  Snooping.

3.  Showing up without any warning.

4.  Bringing an extra guest without running it by you.

5.  Critiquing your home.

6.  Making a mess.

7.  Smoking inside.

8.  Being too loud.

9.  Eating too much of your food.

10.  Not offering to help with chores.

There were a few differences in the order of pet peeves from generation to generation but lists were similar.

How to be a good guest? It's pretty easy. According to the survey:

Be clear with your hosts when you'll arrive and how long your stay will be. Keep your area clean, help with food prep or clean up, bring a simple gift and by all means send a Thank You note afterwards!