"There is no greater threat to women than men."

That is what comedian Louis CK says in the clip below. So why exactly do women keep going through the pitfalls of dating?

You might be in the happiest of all relationships, but someone somewhere is most likely venting to you about the struggles of their relationship. Even in the media, relationship drama seems to be everywhere.

One day Selena Gomez is with Justin Bieber and the next day she's on the radio insisting she is as single as can be. (Can they just decide already?) And don't even get me started on the crazy roller coaster relationship that is Rihanna and Chris Brown.

Looking past the relationships you wished would have ended sooner or still wishing horrible things upon the guy that dumped you, why are girls always so crazy when it comes to dating? We try to play it cool, but there's nothing cool about waiting by the phone for the guy that may or may not call you back.

Yet we still are willing to say yes to almost every guy that ask us to dinner. I do love a free meal, but will we ever learn?

Well..the right one is out there. No matter how long we have to wait for him.


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