If you need to cool down this weekend, but you want to save money OR save the planet, the website PlanetGreen.com has a list of the five easiest, eco-friendly ways to cool off without air conditioning.  None of these are NEW ideas, but they all work.

#1.)  Keep a Spray Bottle in the Fridge. Then just spray yourself when you get too hot.  You can also improve your complexion if you fill the bottle with weak green tea instead of water.  The antioxidants help keep your skin clear.

#2.)  Hold an Ice Cube on Your Pulse Points. Put it in a washcloth first.  Then hold it on the inside of your wrist, or near the middle of your neck where you can feel your pulse.  Supposedly, it can lower your body temperature by three degrees.

#3.)  Put a Cold Washcloth on Your Neck. If you're REALLY hot, wet it, then put it in the freezer for a few minutes.  Just don't forget about it, or it'll freeze to the inside.

#4.)  Soak Your Feet in Cold Water. Obviously, when you're at the pool you can cool down by just dangling your feet in the water.  But you can also accomplish the same thing in your living room with a bucket of cold water.

#5.)  Wear a Wet Bandana. You can wear it on your head.  Or if you don't want to look like Bret Michaels, it works just as well if you tie it around your neck.