If you are looking for a change of scenery from your current job or if you are looking for a new job, the city of Texarkana has 18 positions open for you to check out.

This is what the City of Texarkana had to say about these open positions:

The City of Texarkana, Texas offers competitive pay and great benefits that include medical, dental, vision, and retirement benefits through the Texas Municipal Retirement

By the looks of the extensive list of jobs in the city, they have something from everyone. From outdoor jobs to firefighters you can find an opening that fits your qualifications.

System.Animal Control Warden $25,604.80 - $27,809.60 Annually
Apprentice Mechanic $25,604.80 Annually
Data Entry Clerk $26,698.50 Annually
Employee Health and Wellness Assistant $32,136.00 Annually
Employee Health and Wellness RN $50,710.40 - $56,513.60 Annually
Firefighter $40,000.00 - $53,884.00 Annually
Gardener $25,604.80 Annually
Laborer, Parks & Recreation $22,859.20 Annually
Laborer, Sign & Signal $22,859.20 Annually
Laborer, Street Department $22,859.20 Annually
Maintenance Tech I, Street Department $25,602.00 Annually
Maintenance Tech I, Parks & Recreation $25,604.80 Annually
Maintenance Tech II, Street Department $28,662.40 Annually
Mechanic I, Fleet Department $32,136.00 Annually
Public Safety Dispatcher $33,000.00 Annually
Purchasing Administrator $36,025.60 - $39,644.80 Annually
Senior Recreation Aide, Parks Department $22,859.20 Annually
Traffic Sign Technician/Signal Electrician, Sign & Signal Department $25,604.80 - $31,075.20 Annually

To find out more about these open positions and apply. You can go to the Texarkana job opportunities website.

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