A Texarkana medical business is looking for new employees. You can interview today and tomorrow.

Lincare, a Linde company has openings for patient care positions. A customer service representative, a call center agent, and a patient advocate.

Lincare will be offering walk-in interviews today from 3 PM to 5 PM and Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM. The Lincare office that will be doing the interviews will be conducted at Lincare’s office 3706 Summerhill Rd., Texarkana Texas. This is what Lincare had to say about working for them:

Would you like to work in an environment where you are directly impacting the quality of patients' health and well-being? At Lincare, we strive to make a difference in every patient's life — every day. Lincare's mission is to set the standard for excellence, transforming the way respiratory care is delivered in the home.

Check out this video on what it is like working for a company like Lincare.

If you are applying for these great jobs here is what they are looking for in new employees.

Some experience in customer service as well as great communication skills.

Medical office experience is a plus.

Critical thinking skills.

This is a call center environment and you must be able to multitask in a fast pace environment bilingual skills are a plus but not required. Please make sure to bring your résumé to the interview

You can find out all of the details for the open positions in Texarkana on the LIncare website.

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