If you are looking for an exciting job where you will also be able to help people then the City of Texarkana is looking for you.

Photo by Charanjeet Dhiman on Unsplash
Photo by Charanjeet Dhiman on Unsplash
They are looking to hire public safety dispatchers and some other positions too.
According to the City of Texarkana, Texas website the job listing is described as;
to provide safe and courteous emergency and non-emergency communications response to individuals and entities requesting police, fire, and/or animal control services.  The Public Safety Dispatcher gathers information to determine the nature of the call and what type of response, if any, is needed.
The Public Safety Dispatcher is also responsible for accurately querying, retrieving and relaying information contained in the local, state, and national database systems to responding units.
The salary starts off at 33,000 a year and working for the city you get some great benefits too.
Anyone can apply that is 18 years of age and older.

Other Positions The City of Texarkana is Looking to Fill

Police officer in bulletproof vest outdoors, back view

Police Officer with new hires starting at $45,011.20

Animal Control Warden Starting salary at $25,604.80 - $26,707.20

Firefighter wearing a rolled fire hose
Firefighter - Starting Salary at $40,017.12 - $53,898.24

Maintenance Tech II at the Street Department Salary starting at $28,662.40

You can check out all the latest job listings at the City of Texarkana Texas Job Opportunities website 
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