We've all seen the prices of houses skyrocket over the past couple of years and it seems in our area prices are still going up. Not at the rate they were a few years ago but it is nice to see that they are still rising.

According to stacker.com we found some really great information for towns in our area, like how much the average house prices have been rising over the last 5 years and also in just the last year alone from May 2022 to May 2023.

Here is a list of the Top Ten Fastest Growing Home Prices in Our Area


10. Dekalb, Texas

In the past year house prices have gone up $3,695 in Dekalb. In the last 5 years? There has been a price increase of $45,741. With the average home valued at $141,223

9. Hooks, Texas

In the past year house prices here have increased in Hooks $4,718 and the price increase from 5 years ago is $43,240 with the average home valued at $131,725.

8. New Boston, Texas

This past year New Boston homes increased $5,711 and on the 5-year scale, the prices increased 48,253 with the average house valued at $142,709.

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7. Texarkana, Texas

The one-year price increase in Texarkana Texas was $5,807 and the 5-year price increase of $56,787. The average home value of $176,916

6. Nash, Texas

Nash saw an increase of $6,405 in the past year and the price over the last 5 years increased by $45,097 with the typical home valued at $150,302

5. Wake Village, Texas

In the past year, Wake Village homes increased $8,182 and in the past 5 years rose the $52,229 with the average home valued at $181,059.

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4. Simms Texas

Simm's housing market increased in the past year by $8,864. In the last 5 years, home prices increased $52,229 with the average home valued at $164,426

3. Texarkana, Arkansas

In the past year, Texarkana Arkansas saw an increase of $9,023. Looking at the past 5 years the houses increased in value at $45,257. The average home is valued at $144,993.

2. Redwater, Texas

In Redwater the house prices went up $9,200 and in the past 5 years prices increased $45,257. The average home is valued at $154,792.

The Town with the Fastest Growth in House Prices is...

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1. Ashdown, Arkansas

 Ashown's house prices went up $10,509 in the past year and over the last 5 years increased to $30,213 The average home is valued at $107,574, making Ashdown the least expensive town to live in our area, at least for now until the word gets out.
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