In Texarkana, the drive-thru at a restaurant is the staple of the weekly lunch or dinner plan. We are always on the go and sometimes time is really tight or we just don't want to cook. But there are some things you should do when you are in the line to help make the process go faster for those of us that are in a big hurry.

1. Always remember to pull up enough so the person behind you can order.


2. If you have a very special order, go inside so that you do not hold up the line.

Justin Sullivan

3. Pay attention. This is not a good time to be on your phone.


4. Don't ask about special discounts or offers. You need to know these before you order.

Grata Victoria

5. Have your money ready when you get your food. Don't wait till the last minute while you look for your debit card or cash.


6. Make sure you do the ordering for everyone. Don't let the kids order.

Dejan Ristovski

7. If you have a big order. like for the office, go inside.

Grace Rowan/Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

8. Don't try to change your order when you get to the pickup window.


9. Make sure you are ready for the possible choices, like yogurt or apple slices.


10. Of course know what you want so when you pull up so you will not be staring blankly at the menu holding up the line.


Oh here is a bonus. There is a drive-thru open now at Applebees.

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