What's 7 feet long, bites really hard, and should not be kept as a pet? Probably lots of things fall into that description, but in this case, it was a pet alligator.

Texas Game Wardens were called by a neighbor and arrived on the scene to discover this fine American Alligator specimen has been someone's pet in Buda, Texas near Austin for the last two decades. Since the law does not allow you and I to have an alligator for a pet, the lady was forced to give it up.

The woman, who has been caring for this gator for the last twenty years, apparently was a volunteer at the Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo and stole an alligator egg way back then.

Game wardens discover 7-foot ‘pet’ alligator living in woman’s backyard - KVUE YouTube
Game wardens discover 7-foot ‘pet’ alligator living in woman’s backyard - KVUE YouTube

Texas Game Wardens will tell you that alligators do not make good pets. Since the woman is not allowed to keep the gator, we would normally say it has been relocated, but in this case, the gator is actually being returned to where its life began, and where it will remain, at the Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo.

Is she going to get fined, you bet she is, fines and fees could total about $1000 according to the report on Fox 8 KVUE out of New Orleans. No charges will be filed as the statute of limitations has run out on the theft crime.

All we can say is, thank goodness none of the local neighborhood pets accidentally found their way into the gator's cage. But let's be honest, if they did... who would know.


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