One of the highlights of my job is getting to meet new furry friends every two weeks and getting to play a role in getting those precious pooches adopted to a good home. Majic 93.3 has partnered with the amazing organization, Passion For Pooches, which is a small breed rescue group that specializes in finding permanent homes for rescue dogs.

My sweet, four-legged furry friend this week is named Blinky. Blinky is a rescue from Houston. She had a very traumatizing experience with previous owners that resulted in the loss of her right eye. Hence the name, "Blinky".

Blinky is a few years old. She's a Shih Tzu with a very sweet temperament, which speaks to just how amazing and resilient dogs are considering all she's been through. She is up for adoption and looking forward to settling into her new permanent home. Is that home yours?

Big thanks to Amy, Blinky's foster, and to all the hearts and hands at Passion For Pooches for all they do! Check out Blinky in the video below.

o learn more about Passion For Pooches or to find out out to adopt our sweet Blinky, click on the button below.

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