With a new school year upon us, that means it's a new year of some kids being bullied and getting lost in the shuffle. Yes, we all grew up with some sort of bullying, but in the age of social media it's worse.

Unfortunately it looks like Texas and Arkansas are bad states for bullying. At least according to a new survey by WalletHub. The top states with bullying problems are: Michigan, Louisiana, West Virginia, Montana, Arkansas and Texas coming in at number six on the list. States with the lowest bullying incidents are: Massachusetts, North Carolina, Vermont, District of Columbia, Rhode Island and Florida. National Education Association estimates that more than 160,000 kids will miss a day of school this year due to bullying.

There is a great website that can help parents with children and teens that are being bullied. It's called Stomp Out Bullying. The website is also great for kids as well. There is even a online chat area for help and tips. Plus, stories and videos from celebrities and athletes that were bullied when they were younger.