This time of year is my favorite. Not only because of the weather but because of the fresh fruits and vegetables! There is no better place to get that delicious produce than at a Farmers Market. Since Texarkana is twice as nice, we are fortunate to have two Farmers Markets. Gateway Farmers Market and Texarkana Farmers Market.

Gateway Farmers Market is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 7AM to Noon. Located at 602 East Jefferson in Texarkana Arkansas.

At this Farmers Market is a group of local growers and farmers within a 75-mile radius of Texarkana, Arkansas. All farms are inspected. Their motto:  If we did not raise it, we will not sell it. They also sell homemade crafts and baked goods. 


Texarkana Farmers Market is open  Saturdays 7AM to noon. Located at 305 Texas Blvd in Texarkana, Texas. Along with fresh fruits, vegetables and crafts for sale they also have different events or activities as well. 

Saturday, June 1 - Yoga at the Market starting at 8AM

Saturday, June 8 - Cajun Culture Day starting at 5PM




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