We heard a couple of months ago that two dispensaries will open in Texarkana, Arkansas sometime this summer. This could be a little messy for some as Texarkana is a border town. Marijuana is still very illegal in the state of Texas. 

The medical marijuana card or certificate that is issued by the Arkansas Health Department is not observed in the state of Texas. Here's where it could get tricky. You can receive the drug legally in Arkansas but if you have possession of it on the Texas side of town... you will be arrested. So, in short, don't be receivin' your "prescription" on the Arkansas side of town and then decide to make a quick stop at Target or PetSmart on the Texas side! Just sayin'!

KTBS reported back in April that the sites of the dispensaries will be located on I-30 and the old Electric Cowboy building on Highway 67.

Now, there are reports that Vincent's is closing and that is where the second dispensary will be located.

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