If you own a cat then you know they are funny creatures. Most of the time when we see our cats doing something funny we just can't seem to grab our phone or camera fast enough to get it on video. Lucky for us, I have a friend that was quick to grab her phone and catch her cat unrolling a roll of toilet paper and loving every second of it. 

Meet Tiponi Maximus. He is a 15 week old Silver Tip Persian and according to his human servant Cindy Treadway:

 He dashes thru the house and looks like a huge puff ball of cotton. He's already meowing at the birds outside of the window. He eats baby food and thinks he is a human.

She said, he also thinks he rules the roost and if he's anything like my cat, he probably does!

Maximus found a roll of toilet paper and obviously had a blast making a mess of it! Watch him unroll the ENTIRE roll!


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