You read that right, $1 margaritas during the month of October at participating Applebees all over the country, and yes, we have confirmed that the Texarkana location is one of them.

Some of the major restaurant chains across the country, including Applebees, have been struggling to get folks in the door the last couple of years or so. Even though they have been coming up with some terrific specials like kids eat free night, burger night and things like that, the chain has still struggled of late. So when it's all about getting people through the door, it's hard to beat a margarita special.

I don't know about you but I love me a margarita every now and then, a little salt on the rim, frozen or not, doesn't really matter, they're just good. From what I hear the serving glasses are smaller than a normal sized rita but who cares, it's a buck!


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