Ted Nugent often suggests he has no time for people who drink and take drugs – but in the latest episode of Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar he revealed he made an exception for Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

Asked to name his favorite player of all time, Nugent told Hagar: “I know what that question means, but music is so diverse.” He continued: “If I want a just pure grunt, just a pure sensual grind, I would give it to Keith Richards. He’s the most true musician rock star, he’s 24/7… he must have been drunk on every recording… but he’s in control. It’s a controlled slice [of] nasty primal burp, and I love that stuff!”

You can watch the moment below:

Elsewhere in the episode, Nugent recalled how he worked up the iconic solo for his track “Stranglehold,” explaining that he’d started out with an intense, high-energy explosion before his colleagues held what he called an “intervention.” He explained: “They said, you know, Ted, ‘Stranglehold’ is awesome, but I don’t think anybody wants to hear a jam with a long guitar solo anymore.’ I’m sitting there, going, ‘Okay, does anybody else have a comment?’” Still, he went off and came up with an alternative with more space and structure. “I had to go back and learn that solo because it was so defined, it was like a vocal,” he said.

He also took Hagar for a drive in his off-road truck, promising not to kill the former Van Halen singer because he loved him – but loved himself more. “You can’t do that in a Maserati,” Nugent told the sports car loving singer as they drove. “No sir!” Hagar replied.

You can watch those clips below:

The new episode of Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar premieres on AXS TV tonight (May 3) at 8.30 P.M. ET / 5.30 P.M. PT.


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