The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department announced yesterday that Sergeant Devin Warner has received the Criminal Investigation Division Bulldog of the Year Award for 2018.

According to the Press Release on the TAPD Facebook page, Sgt. Warner was selected after being nominated by peers, subordinates, and supervisors alike for the leadership role he has taken since assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division in 2010.

The release went on the say;

During his tenure, Sgt. Warner has worked on a myriad of cases, from the simplest misdemeanor theft, to the most severe felony offenses. In each instance, Sgt. Warner gave each investigation his greatest effort, not knowing how to give any less. He is adept in every aspect of CID and is willing to work in every capacity, from the most menial assignment, to the most exciting. Sgt. Warner is also the “go-to guy” whenever there is a need for extensive research into a suspect’s past, including family, associations, workplaces and past interactions with law enforcement. He has a knack for remembering people and events beyond that of anyone else in CID. During investigations, he often draws upon this wealth of knowledge to develop viable leads and suspects. Sgt. Warner is loyal to those he works with and makes extra efforts to remember their special occasions, like their birthday, often using his own money to purchase birthday cakes or other gifts.

Overall, Sgt. Warner is a valuable asset to the Criminal Investigation Division, the Texarkana Police and the community the agency serves. Based on Sgt. Warner’s leadership, dedication, knowledge and uncanny ability to remember details about everyone, he has been selected by the Criminal Investigation Division as the 2018 Criminal Investigator of the Year.

Congratulations Sgt. Warner from all of us as well.


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