On February 7, 2023, Texarkana Arkansas Police officer Brady Chattaway responded to a vehicle accident that occurred around 9:09 PM in the 1200 block of North Stateline Avenue.

According to a press release, a pedestrian was in the roadway near a storm drain when first responders arrived at the scene. The man was conscious and able to respond to questions but was in severe pain. Officer Chattaway believed he could smell alcohol coming from the pedestrian during his initial statement to the officer about what had happened.

The driver of a 2014 Buick Lacrosse was not injured, and a busted front windshield was observed from the pedestrian’s impact on the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle stated she was traveling northbound on North Stateline Avenue and had just come through the light at the intersection but did not observe the pedestrian in the roadway. The driver stated she attempted to slam on her brakes, but was unsuccessful, and hit the pedestrian. The pedestrian landed on her front windshield and was thrown off the vehicle.

A witness stated he also did not see the pedestrian standing in the roadway, and saw the driver attempt to stop her vehicle before striking the pedestrian.


LifeNet transported the pedestrian to St. Michael’s Hospital.  During Officer Chattaway’s investigation, the pedestrian was asked if he had anything to drink, and he stated he “drank 2 liters of vodka” prior to the accident. The accident is still under investigation, but no charges are expected at this time. The name of the pedestrian has not been released at this time.

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