Is Bigfoot In Arkansas? There Have Been 109 Sightings
Anyone that lives in our area has heard all about Bigfoot. You know the tall hairy creature that wanders through the woods. We even have a Fouke Monster legend. Did you know there have been over 100 sightings of Bigfoot in Arkansas?
Do you believe in Bigfoot?
The Annual Bigfoot Festival and Conference in Honobia, Okla., is Friday, September 30 through Saturday, October 1.
A New 'fouke monster' movie?
Texarkana and the surrounding area may be buzzing with movie crews again soon, with the possibility of a "Fouke Monster" type movie being shot in Texarkana and the surrounding area.
Seth Rogen and FX Producing Animated ‘Bigfoot’ Comedy
FX has had a difficult time getting animated comedies off the ground apart from 'Archer,' as their most recent effort 'Unsupervised' floundered in both ratings and reviews, but their latest project should have none of those troubles. 'This is the End' funnyman Seth Rogen has partnered with FX and Ev…
The Fouke Monster, Big Foot or Sasquatch. Whatever you want to call him people have a fascination with him.
In fact, Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" would love to investigate our area! I've always hear about sighting around these parts.