Texarkana and the surrounding area may be buzzing with movie crews again soon, with the possibility of a "Fouke Monster" type movie being shot in Texarkana and the surrounding area.

The movie company Shadow Productions LLC based in Shreveport, is in the process of doing research, and gathering financing for a project based on the story told by late local movie maker Charles B. Pierce in his film "The Legend of Boggy Creek".

This movie, with a working title of "Bigfoot: Eyes of the Hunter", is definitely NOT a "Fouke Monster" remake. It tells a very different story of what happened in those South West Arkansas woods.  It is a very interesting twist on the story, and one that audiences should really enjoy.

We were recently able to speak with Jeff Hilling, the main consultant on the movie and one of the most famous experts in the field of "bigfoot" like creatures. Jeff Hilling is a historian, crypto-zoologist, researcher, and author with a number of best selling books. Mr. Hilling is also the world's foremost authority on the Patterson Film. Jeff started the website pattersonfilm.com to explore ALL angles of the famous Patterson Film. (He says that he is only about 80% sure it is authentic.)

Jeff is not only crucial in the development of this movie project, but he is also in the process of writing a book focusing on the "Fouke Monster" now, and makes the announcement here.


For more information on the "Bigfoot: Eye of the Hunter" local movie project contact Richard F. Law with Shadow Productions LLC., at 318-349-2711 or email Richardflaw@shadowproductionsllc.com or visit their website at ShadowProductions.org.

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