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Best Swimming Holes for Summer Fun in Arkansas
The official start to the summer season begins this Memorial holiday weekend. As more and more state parks and recreational areas continue to lift their restrictions many Americans are ready for some fresh air and some outdoor family fun.
what's way down below?
As the heat rises, it's nice to cool off at some of the lakes around our area. As you and your family and friends are playing close to the surface of the water have you ever wondered what's at the bottom of some of these lakes?
You’ll Be Amazed at What You’ll Find at The Bottom of Lake Ouachita [VIDEO]
Arkansas is known for its beautiful lakes, but have you ever wondered about what might be at the bottom of some of those lakes? If you dare to dive, there have been reports of interesting things at the bottom of Lake Ouachita. From railroad tracks to an old school bus. There is also a sunken houseboat and sail boat. What about a UFO? That's what they say. There is something even more amazing and t