The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana will provide students with a new Surgical Scrub Technician Program beginning this fall. The program is a one-semester program designed for students who hold a current license in practical/vocational nursing or registered nursing, who wish to be trained to work in the operating room as a surgical scrub.

According to a press release, courses for the program will be taught in a combination of day and evening classes. Students will receive 90 contact hours of instruction in the classroom and lab, and 135 contact hours in the clinical setting. Classes will be rotated between the Hope and Texarkana campuses and students are required to attend all classes on both campuses.


Courses Include:

  • SCRU1403 Fundamentals of Surgical Scrub
  • SCRU1501 Surgical Scrub Procedures
  • SCRU1603 Surgical Scrub Clinical


Estimated Cost of Program:

  • Tuition and Fees (service area):  $710
  • Book                                             $65
  • Supplies                                       $85
  • Insurance                                     $15
  • Background Check                      $25
  • Total Estimated Cost:                  $900


Schedule of Classes:

August 22 - October 12        Tuesday            4-8pm         Hope classroom

Thursday          4-8pm         Texarkana classroom

October 3-12                         Tuesday and Thursday       Clinical Observations

October 17 – December 7    Tuesday and Thursday        Day Clinical Rotations

October 18 - December 13   Wednesday       4-8pm         Hope Classroom


Entrance Requirements:

  1. UAHT Application for admission.
  2. Submit a transcript for High School, General Education Diploma (GED) and any college work
  3. Provide proof of immunization against measles (2) and rubella (1) for students born after January 1, 1957, who plan to enroll for full-time coursework.
  4. Provide proof of current TB skin test.
  5. Provide proof of Flu vaccination when vaccine is available.
  6. Provide up-to-date CPR Certification.
  7. Complete Surgical Scrub Technician Program Application.
  8. Submit verification of licensure in Practical/Vocational Nursing or Registered Nursing. Current licensure required for acceptance.


For more information, contact Stephanie McCoskey, Administrative Specialist for Science and Health Professions, at (870) 722-8289 or

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