I had too much summer fun over Memorial Day Weekend. Yeah, I got a big old fashion sunburn. I haven't had a sunburn in years! I used sunscreen on my face and chest but for some reason, I thought I was immune to getting burned. Boy, was I wrong!

There are some great home remedies out there for sunburn relief and there is no better way to find out about those remedies than to ask my friends on Facebook. I asked and wow I didn't realize how many remedies there are. Do you have a no-fail way to relief the sting and burn of a sunburn?

Here are what some of my friends on Facebook suggested:

  •   Aloe gel with lidocaine.
  •  Coconut oil
  •  Defining gel from It Works.
  •  Tea tree hair and body
  •  LimeLife By Alcone’s Forty Cure Creme 
  • You get a paper grocery bag and soak it in apple cider vinegar and apply it to the burn when it dries out repeat.
  • Noxema
  • Bathe in a cool oatmeal bath and you can also put cooled, brewed tea bags on your skin to draw the heat out.
  • Aveeno oatmeal powder in bath water
  •  Lavender oil and aloe.
  • Rub a banana all over yourself then wash it off. (I'm still thinking this one is a joke)
  • White distilled vinegar. It takes the sting and heat out of a burn.

So many ideas to choose from! First stop to the store and I'm going to try a little Aloe Vera. Then white vinegar. I read an easy way to apply it is to put it in a spray bottle. Oh and the banana one? I'm not too sure about that one. Of course the banana would smell lovely...the vinegar? Not so much.

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