This past weekend was a perfect summer kind of weekend. Except for the mosquitoes. Sitting on my patio Saturday night it seemed as though I was the main entree for those pesky insects.

Luckily, I had some mosquito repellent. If you're ever caught without repellent and you do get bit there are a few things you can do.

According to the website Life Hacker:

They suggest if you get mosquitoes bites and the itch like crazy you might try a Benadryl. Yes it will make you sleepy, but if you're desperate it will work.

Try toothpaste. Supposedly, if you can't find calamine lotion toothpaste will work. What a great quick idea if you are camping.

They also suggest aloe vera. Saying it will reduce the swelling and itching. Their last bit of advice is salt water. Put water on the bit and then pour some salt on it. It may sting, but frankly that's better than the itch.

Do you have a special

There are way to control the mosquito population in your yard too you can get those tips from Mosquito

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