So, after a long day of dealing with storm watches, then warnings, I was anxious to get home and microwave a frozen dinner or something, but noooo.  I got home to realize I had no electricity.  Then I realized we had no electric wires!

Jeff Easterling
Jeff Easterling

Just down the road from my place the storm had taken out a couple of trees, and took out the electric, phone, and cable lines with them.  We were really lucky.  Some listeners may recall, that it was around this time in 2008 when my house was hit by a tornado and we took a bit of damage.  This was more than likely straight-line wind damage.  Some reports state that there were gusts up to 55 mph in Texarkana.

Fortunately, all this wind did at our place was knock down a couple of trees, a few wires and blocked the road a couple of hours.  No people, pets or property were destroyed.  The guys from the Texarkana Texas Street Department were quickly on it, in the lightning, thunder, wind and rain.  They went to work to clear the the road of debris so that the electric, phone, and cable guys could get to work.  Power was restored on our road a little after midnight.  (My family and I appreciate their difficult and dangerous work that all of those guys did to get us taken care of… Thank you all.)

It’s time’s like these when you appreciate radioPup, our free mobile app, and a charged cell phone… always stay ahead of the storm.

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