There have been a few tornadoes touch down around the Dallas Metroplex today.  One that struck in Arlington, Texas was caught on video tossing 18 Wheelers around like play toys.  Major damage has been reported around the DFW area, including a nursing home destroyed in Arlington.


We aren’t expecting this bunch of storm cells to make over here to the Ark-La-Tex as they are moving more to the North from the Metroplex, but there is a chance of severe weather later this afternoon and tonight.  We do have a tornado watch in effect for the listening area until 10pm tonight.  Stay tuned to the radio for any warnings, watches, or updates.

This is a good time to make sure you have your cell phone charged, and have downloaded our free mobile app radioPup.

Check out this raw video… hits hard to make it all out because of the rain and debris, but watch as the tornado picks up tractor trailers and throws them around as if they were lighter than feathers…



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