Steely Dan will be touring this summer. As of now, only two dates have been announced, but they promised that more will be coming soon.

The official shows are July 17 at Humphrey's in San Diego and Aug. 8 at the Seneca Events Center in Niagara Falls, NY. Tickets will go on sale for the first night on April 5 and April 25 for the second. They have not released any other details, but their tour last summer saw them frequently give full-album performances of 'The Royal Scam,' 'Aja' and 'Gaucho.'

Last July, they hinted at the idea of recording a new album, their first since 2003's 'Everything Must Go' (although Donald Fagen has released two solo records in that time frame) “It’s in the air, it really is,” said Walter Becker. “It’s just a smell now. The next thing is then you taste it, then you start to feel it. You know how this goes.”

Steely Dan 'Jamalot Ever After' 2014 Tour Dates:

7/17 -- San Diego, CA
8/8 -- Niagara Falls, NY

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