This last weekend some fine local talent appeared in downtown Texarkana, we were unable to get information from the Frontstreet Organization, but Facebook friends made posts, and sent emails of pics so we could spotlight our local performers.

Apologies to our local talent, but our radio station was excluded from the frontstreet stage this year, but we felt it important to recognize your commitment to entertaining the citizens of our community, and your patience with the festival organizers...

Submitted photo

I hate that we don't have any video, but here are some photos of the local acts that took the stage downtown, and put on some of the best live performances of the weekend... Thanks to Don Riddle for bringing this to our attention, and thanks to his wife Laura for the photos.


To see the way you were treated on the event's Facebook page is disgraceful, and hopefully there will be reviews by local government in the handling of the railfest event.