The Texarkana Parks and Recreation Department announced that the Rotary Splash Pad in Spring Lake Park will extend its current season through the holiday weekend.

The Splash Pad will stay open daily from 9 AM until 7 PM daily until the end of Summer. Robbie Robertson of the Texarkana Texas Parks and Recreations department had this to say about the Splash Pads season extending:

With the current weather forecast for our area we will extned the season for the Splash Pad until late this month. If conditions change we will let everyone know if there is a change to the end of the season.

The Splash Pad is a zero-depth water playground built in collaboration between the Rotary Clubs of Texarkana and the City of Texarkana, Texas Parks, and Recreation Department.


Wes Spicher, Townsquare Media

One of the features that get the most attention from the kids is the pelican that dumps water from overhead. Its beak fills up and when it gets full the beak opens and dumps water on the kids below as seen in the photo above.

The Rotary Splash Pad has 6 additional shade ports and picnic tables. And a brand new non-slip surface.If you get a chance during this extended season make sure to take the kids to the Splash Pad. There are plenty of benches for you to sit on and the Splash Pad is a great break from the heat.

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