Proving that even celebrities are not immune to the body-image insecurities that virtually go hand-in-hand with being in the public eye, Gene Simmons daughter Sophie Tweed-Simmons has taken a definitive stand against living up to those potentially unrealistic expectations.

In a feature written for World Lifestyle, the 22 year-old Tweed-Simmons admits to feeling pressure when it comes to others' expectations of her body size but that, in the end, she is comfortable in her own skin.

"I, like every girl my age or any age for that matter, spend a ridiculous amount of time on social media admiring the images of 'perfect women.' They are effortlessly chic and thin and impossibly fashionable," she says.

"Like every girl my age, I diet to try to emulate these social media sirens. I juice, I cleanse, I starve and I workout like a mo-fo. And here is what I've come up with. I will never have a thigh-gap or nymph like candid shots. I will never weigh 120 lbs while being in good health. And honestly, other than being truly healthy, I don't care to try anymore."

Self-respect is Tweed-Simmons new mantra. This refreshingly frank attitude is going to take center stage in a book on body image that she is reportedly working on.

"I'm not saying I'm exempt from feeling the pressures of the media, my peers and the fashion industry. I defiantly have days where I wish I was a size 2 and that my legs didn't touch. But usually I just tell everyone to 'suck it' because I'm pretty awesome. And you are too."

Tweed-Simmons recently caused some waves with the release of a series of photos that show the beauty wrapped in the American flag while under water. The photos were released around the same time as her op-ed piece for World Lifestyle.

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