It won't be long until we are dealing with Skeeters again. Here's a simple trap you can put together to help deal with all the little blood-sucking mosquitoes we are sure to see this season.

We all know of the basic steps to stop mosquito breeding areas, which will help a great deal, but we came across this simple do-it-yourself mosquito trap that could also come in .

What we need... A  1 cup of hot water, a 1/4 c. of brown sugar, 1/2 Tbsp. of yeast (bread yeast)., a 2-liter plastic bottle and some black duct tape.

  1. Cut the bottle in half, keeping the neck part.
  2. Mix brown sugar and hot water. Let cool. When cool, pour into bottom part of bottle.
  3. Add the yeast to mixture. No need to mix. It will create carbon dioxide.
  4. Place funnel part, the neck of the bottle upside down into the bottom piece of the bottle.
  5. Wrap the bottom part of the bottle with dark tape, as mosquitoes are attracted to dark objects.

Within a couple of weeks you will be surprised by how many dead mosquitoes your trap has attracted. Just empty clean, and refill with your mixture, and carry on. Place your traps in areas with lots of mosquitoes... garden and outdoor areas.

With all of the different fevers and diseases associated with mosquitoes, every little bit can help. So, try this and let us know how well it worked for you.