Early this morning (July 12) one of the signal poles on US 71 (State Line Avenue) at the I-30 ramps was struck by a vehicle.  The impact severely damaged the signal pole making it unusable. 

According to a press release, due to the way the signals operate, both sides of the interchange signals will remain in all-stop flash mode until a full repair can be made, which could take up to two weeks.

“We have issued an emergency work order to make repairs and are exploring all options to turn this signal back on as soon as possible.  However, this entire interchange will operate as all way stop until then,” said Rebecca Wells, Director of Traffic Operations for TxDOT in Atlanta.  “Stop signs have been installed at the intersections by the Texarkana Maintenance Section.  We are getting message boards from our signal contractor for the Stateline approaches to give advance notice of the stop condition.”

Everyone should be proceed with caution when entering this intersection until repairs are finished.

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