Meet Vennu Mellesh from Hyderabad, India.  Vennu wrote, sang, and produced this song for all of his "hell-wishers". That will teach them!

For all I know, Vennu could be the "Prince" of his country... or his city... well, maybe his neighborhood.

He wrote this song in response to his "hell-wishers"... "Criticizers, discouragers, etc".

Here's his story in song, his musical masterpiece... "It's My Life Whatever I Wanna Do".

Hell-wishers? What were they thinking? Clearly, he is just a misunderstood musical genius.

(Disclosure: I am a little buzzed right now, and he could really suck... either way, I got to write one of the very first of what will surely be very few, blog posts about Vennu Mellesh.)

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