Seriously, I know I'm overweight, I also know that if I lost that weight the snoring problem might just cure itself. But let's be real, this belly took a long time to get here, it's not going away quickly, and when it's gone that may not necessarily take care of the problem. So, what's a boy to do?

My wife keeps saying I need to do a sleep study to be on the safe side but I'm pretty sure that I don't stop breathing at night, so going full-blown face masked C-PAP may not be the best option due to expense and the fact that I'm a side-sleeper, not a good option for C-PAP from what I understand.

Things that I have tried:

The chin strap. An elastic strap that goes around the back of your head and holds your chin up so your mouth stays shut. It seems logical; if you can keep your mouth from falling open, no snoring, right? According to my wife it didn't stop the snoring, it just made it... weirder.

Really, that's all I have tried so far.

I've seen a mouthpiece advertised that also looks somewhat promising. They say it offsets your jaw slightly and eliminates snoring in the process. To me, that sounds like a prescription for some kind of diabolical lock-jaw issues. Not good for a radio guy.

I have friends who tell me that the C-PAP has changed their lives, never have they slept better or deeper, but, see above.

I'm looking for suggestions ideas, old wives' tales, anything that might relieve the noise a bit. My wife says I don't do it every night, thank goodness, but on the nights when I'm really tired or my head is stuffed up, lookout.

Oh, the name she has given to my affliction? "Honkshee" HAHAHA! I'll leave it to your imagination on what that must sound like.

All suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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