Could Tony Harnell's Skid Row departure open the door for a reunion with singer Sebastian Bach?

Following Harnell's surprise announcement that he'd quit after less than a year in the lineup, the band's facing down touring commitments without a singer — and although they've already told fans there's been "no talk of a reunion" with Bach, he's making it known that he's willing to give it a shot if his former bandmates are.

With 20 years or so of animosity between Bach and the other members of the group, a reconciliation won't happen overnight, which he recognized in recent tweets that acknowledged the feud while saying he'd "love to" have a Skid Row sit-down.

Bach's public contrition is admirable, but as Skid Row fans are well aware, his willingness to reunite with his former bandmates is nothing new. In the spring of 2014, he went public with his efforts to organize some sort of 25th anniversary celebration of the band's debut LP, venting his frustration over being rebuffed, saying, "My former bandmates are like, ‘Nah, we’re playing a bowling alley. We’re happy. We don’t care.'"

Previously, Bach had indicated that the majority of the people who'd be involved in a reunion were willing to go along with the idea, but there was a lone holdout keeping it from happening. Considering that the two sides have traded public barbs as recently as last year, that may no longer be the case — but with Guns N' Roses getting at least part of its classic lineup back together, who knows? Maybe 2016 is officially the year for old hard-rock hatchets to be buried.

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