If you're heading down to Florida for vacation, maybe just stick to the beaches.

Why? Because wouldn't you rather see mammals in their natural habitat? I know I sure would.

SeaWorld is currently performing damage control at its Orlando park after a whale beached itself up on the ledge of one of the tanks and was stranded there for about 20 minutes. Only after 20 minutes did trainers help the mammal back to the water.

PETA is in an uproar saying that this is just another example of how SeaWorld mistreats their marine mammals.

If you want to read the full article just click here. 

Now, I have been to SeaWorld before and I did have a blast! I also am not a huge fan of caged animals so you can imagine how conflicting going to places like SeaWorld or a zoo can be for me. Let's just say that I haven't been to any sort of place like this in years...

I personally would rather go for a swim out in the ocean and see a dolphin off in the distance enjoying the water. So, when you're in Florida for your summer beach getaway I say just relax on the beach and try to not get too much sun!

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