The city of Daytona Beach Shores, Florida is about to MAKE IT RAIN on the strippers who work at one of their local strip clubs.

In 2009, the police raided Biggins Gentleman's Club... and yes, that's an AWESOME strip club name.  The raid went down after undercover cops had purchased drugs inside the club.

During the raid, four female strippers and two female bartenders were STRIP SEARCHED in front of about 20 male cops.  No male employees or patrons were strip-searched.  None of the six ended up being connected to the drug deals.

And even though the police strip-searched STRIPPERS... who, ya know, strip... the six ladies SUED, saying it violated Florida law and was, quote, "unconstitutionally overboard."


And they were right.  Under Florida law, strip searches... even on strippers... have to be conducted by someone of the same sex and no one from the opposite sex can be in the room, observing.

SO... last week, Daytona Beach Shores settled with the six women for $195,000.

Unfortunately for them, it's been tied up in court for so long that their attorney is the only one getting rich.  The ladies will get about $5,000 each... the other $165,000 is going to their lawyer.  Ouch.

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