Last year was a crazy and it's been a tough week for a lot of people with all the snow and ice!  We need something sweet and good to hear about and this just might be it.  Southern Arkansas University is keeping hope alive. School officials announced earlier this month that they will keep SAU's  “Candle of Hope” illuminated throughout 2021 until the battle against the worldwide pandemic is won.

Dr. Trey Berry, SAU president, said in a press release the annual conversion of the University’s bell tower to a beautiful holiday candle creates “a beacon that can be seen for miles around. As we move through our struggle against the COVID-19 virus, the tower will remain on as a Candle of Hope.”

It will serve as a symbol of promise for the SAU campus, community and region. “We are all in this struggle together,” said Berry, “and together, we WILL defeat this invisible enemy.”

The candle is normally part of the holiday lighting display at SAU. Though the Celebration of Lights ceremony was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, the campus was nonetheless illuminated for the holidays. The Candle of Hope will continue to shine as SAU remains #Mulerider Strong.

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