If your a teacher and have wanted to continue your education then Southern Arkansas University’s College of Education has just the program for you. SAU is now offering a new graduate program for P-12 educators. Unlike other advanced degrees offered for educators, this program will provide teachers the opportunity to enhance teaching skills and become leaders within their school districts and remain in the classroom upon completion.

According to a press release, the Instructional Facilitator/LEAD Teacher M.Ed. – one of a number of advanced programs offered to educators through SAU – is offered fully online. A revision of the previous Curriculum & Instruction master’s degree, it provides teacher leaders the opportunity to hone their craft while learning to apply the acquired skills in assisting other educators.

The Division of Elementary and Secondary Education approved the proposal in July, permitting the curriculum to be offered for the first time this fall. It is the first approved program of its type to be offered in Arkansas. Dr. Denise Moseley, assistant professor of education, is the program director.


“While the previous program offered strong content and support for classroom educators, it was a non-licensure program,” said Dr. Moseley. “The addition of Instructional Facilitator, with the added LEAD Teacher designation, will provide classroom teachers the opportunity to grow and invest in their school districts.”

The LEAD Teacher degree offers a path to a licensure designation for educators seeking leadership roles while continuing to teach in content-area classrooms. Teachers who desire to be leaders within their school districts are typically only offered a degree in Educational Administration, rather than a lead-teacher role.

“I am proud that, through this new degree, SAU will develop teacher leaders to support teachers at every stage of their careers,” said Dr. Kim Bloss, Dean of the College of Education. “We know that learning never stops for teachers and that Instructional Facilitators are critical for supporting great teachers. Graduates will provide the support teachers need to become more effective in the classroom.”

Dr. Connie Wilson, assistant professor of education in Education Leadership stated, "This M.Ed. program is excellent for teachers interested in improving instruction and student learning as well as developing as leaders.”

“SAU is the first in the state to offer this degree, which allows our teacher candidates a unique opportunity to complete a program of study and gain distinction on their teaching license as a LEAD teacher,” added Dr. Jessica Samples, assistant professor of education and an instructor in the new program.

Additional information about the Instructional Facilitator/LEAD Teacher M.Ed. program is available at https://web.saumag.edu/lead-teacher-med/.

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