Have you ever been to the Rondo Cemetery just northeast of Texarkana in Rondo Arkansas? This cemetery has a that may surprise you with tombstones going back to the 1800s. But according to reports, there have been vandals visiting the cemetery too.

The Rondo Cemetery has so much history that it really needs some security measures in place to protect it's history. Recently, The Rondo Cemetery Association posted on Facebook that one of the old tombstones was missing. Luckily it was found, but seriously, who could do such a thing?

This cemetery is the burial site of 85 unknown confederate soldiers. there is also an old tank and canon there as well.


According to KTBS:

Rondo Cemetery Association President Ron Jordan says they want to keep the area authentic, but also make improvements to the roads and security.


"We're not unique to some of the problems we're having, so we're visiting with other folks to see what they're doing. There is a group of folks assigned to look into that, surveillance cameras or game cameras, different things like that," said Jordan.

He says they also asked officers to make extra patrols in the area.


The Rondo Cemetery Association is accepting donations to help clean-up and increase security at the site. For more information, you can call (870) 278-3684 or go to the Rondo Cemetery Association's group on Facebook.

The located at the junction of McClure Road and Cobb Lane in Rondo, Arkansas.

We have a great video of this cemetery below.

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