One of the coolest things about Spider-Man is unquestionably his web-shooters, the devices that allow him to swing around the city to fight crime without having to worry about all the questionable anatomy that would be brought up if he produced webs the same way as actual spiders. They're one of his trademarks, to the point where the new The Amazing Spider-Man series of films has reverted back to the idea of mechanical ones, replacing the previous movies' "organic" web-shooters, and they're the kind of thing that it would be really cool to own in real life.

And if you happen to be Patrick Priebe, you actually do. In honor of the release of Amazing Spider-Man 2, Priebe has constructed a homemade version of Spidey's webshooter that can launch fishing line out of a wrist-mounted coil and retract it, triggered by the same motion that Spidey uses in the comics. Also, there is a brass-tipped harpoon pointed directly at his palm that is launched out with a surprising amount of force. That seems like a good idea, right?

Priebe, described by Gizmag as a "German laser weapons hobbyist," which is simultaneously the most awesome and most ominous description that a person could possibly have, also added a targeting laser to the web-shooter, because hey, if you've got extra lasers laying around, why not? There's even a function to retract the fishing line for easy reloading.

But he didn't stop there. In an effort to improve on Spider-Man's tech -- and, one assumes, to get the most out of his new blue-and-red glove -- Priebe also made a "burning wristlaser" that he can use to set things on fire by pointing at them.



What I'm saying here is that this dude is living the dream, and that we must all hope he uses these powers with great responsibility.


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