The downtown Texarkana entertainment district is gearing up for one heck of a party this weekend in celebration of the RazorDogs Grand Opening.

Owners and operators Brandon Barnett and wife Chasiti started their RazorDogs business in 2020, selling late-night snacks on the streets of the entertainment district. Hot dog lovers can appreciate what RazorDogs has to offer an all-beef, turkey, or vegan dog served with 10 different toppings of your choice. And just in case you were wondering where the name RazorDogs came from, Brandon Barnett is a former running back and alumni of the Arkansas High Razorbacks and the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. So it's only fitting that he named his business RazorDogs.

With that being said, Barnett will be joined by several former Razorbacks during a very special autograph session Saturday at 6 PM. Several of his former teammates joining him include Chris Gragg, Knile Davis, DeAnthony Curtis, Joe Adams, Cobi Hamilton, Will Gragg, Jarius Wright, and possibly a surprise guest. With Brandon, you never know what he has up his sleeve. A lot of the players mentioned also went on to play professional football as well. Check out this special invitation from Knile Davis.

Then at 8 PM hang around for a performance from local entertainer Heather Linn and the Deacons.

The RazorDogs Kick-off Block Party starts at 6:30 PM on Friday with THE popular DJ Shelby. There will be lots of giveaways and door prizes all weekend!

Get ready to party Friday and Saturday in downtown Texarkana and have a tasty RazorDog while you're there.

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