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Razorback Club Dinner With Coach
Razorback fans look forward to this every year. It's the Texarkana Razorback Club Dinner Wednesday, February 21 with special guest University of Arkansas Head Football Coach Chad Morris.
Get ready for the annual rivalry football game Battle on the Border between the Texas High Tigers and the Arkansas High Razorbacks on Friday, September 2, at 8PM in Tiger Stadium at Grim Park.
There's old saying down south -- "Southern bred by the grace of God." Southerners love their way of life no matter what state they're from. But here in Arkansas, we're a bit more particular I guess you could say. So if you intend on becoming an Arkansan you better love these things, too.
Arkansas Razorbacks Sign Best Class Yet on National Signing Day [VIDEO]
Today is National Signing Day for some of the nation's best high school football players. And if you are a Arkansas Razorback fan, you should to be in hog heaven because Coach Bret Bielema signed perhaps one of his best classes yet since being the head coach at the University of Arkansas. According to several top recruiting sources Arkansas recruits are ranked the 21st best class in the nation. Re