Texarkana Arkansas Police report a sharp increase in vehicle thefts in the city in recent weeks.

Authorities say since December 16,  a total of seven  vehicles have been reported stolen in the city limits of Texarkana. The vast majority of these vehicles were either left running unattended, or were unlocked with the keys in the vehicle.

The good news is of the seven stolen in that time period, six of the vehicles have been recovered. Additionally, the Texarkana Police Department has recovered three stolen vehicles from outside jurisdictions in that same time period.

After an extensive investigation into these vehicle thefts, authorities have been able to arrest ten suspects. These arrests consist of three adults and seven juveniles. There are also outstanding warrants for additional subjects allegedly involved in these crimes.

Police say many of these thefts could have been prevented by removing the keys and locking the vehicle. Authorities urge citizens to take there simple precautions in order to protect themselves from being a victim of crime.



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