If you are complaining about all the rainy days we have been having this winter.  You might want to stop complaining. Remember the exceptional drought and extremely hot temperatures we had last summer?

That will probably help you feel better on these cool and wet February days. The Four State Area really had been under well below normal rainfall and drought conditions for two years, so we are just now re-filling the lakes and reservoirs across our area and saving trees, grass and plants and helping wildlife.. Exceptional drought conditions are now gone in Texarkana and across most of the area.

The outlook is for continued improvement through the spring months as La Nina finally fades away. The La Nina which is an unusual warming of portions of the Pacific Ocean leads to weather pattern changes across North America, with our area generally experiencing much drier than normal and warmer than normal weather.

So  next time you think about complaining about the rain just remember last summer with the crunchy dry grass and 110+ degree temperatures!!!!!!

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