Get ready for a new scam. This one is claiming they are from Apple Support and that your Apple ID has been compromised.

My neighbor received a call on his landline a couple of nights ago and his caller ID said Apple with the real Apple company number, only it wasn't Apple. It was a recorded message stating that his Apple account had been compromised several times. To talk with an Apple representative to dial 1. The man identified himself from "Apple Care Telephone Support". He was able to get my neighbor's email address and cell phone number.

Then he advised my neighbor to change the security keys on all his devices. He then said that he needed to go buy a Google Play Card at his local Dollar General Store and put $500 on it to cover the cost of the security measures taken but that they had a great finance department and my friend would be reimbursed within 2 to 3 hours. The man said he would call back in the morning to get the google card number and to not use his computer or phone for the rest of the evening.

Luckily my friend did not fall for this but can you believe this? Wow! Then to top it off they sent him an email follow up! Oh, by the way, my friend called the Apple customer service and they said...No, we don't do that!

Below is the email that my friend received:


Just a reminder to never, never ever give your personal information to someone over the phone or by email unless you are sure you are talking to the right person. If you receive a call like this do not redial the same number to see if it is legit. Find the companies customer service number online and then call that number. Scammers are smart. They can fake a caller ID so just because your caller ID says a familiar number or company does not mean that is really them. Most companies will not call you to tell you there is a breach in security and then ask for money!

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