We have known for a long time that our Perot Theatre located in downtown Texarkana,  is not only beautiful but it is also a big part of Texarkana's history. Even sweeter is the fact that now others recognize it's beauty too. Congratulations to the Perot Theatre for being named the Most Beautifully Designed Theater in Texas by the Architectural Digest!

They recently did a story listing the most beautiful theaters in each state. And you got it! The Perot Theater is listed for the big state of Texas! Not some theater in Austin, not Dallas or Houston. Nope, Texarkana!  Below is what Architectural Digest wrote:


Open since 1924, and with the restoration mostly funded by H. Ross Perot and his sister Bette, this is ground central in tiny Texarkana (population around 40,000) for culture. This includes musicals, comedy acts, the Texarkana Symphony Orchestra, and plays for younger audiences.

In a time where so many new buildings are being built and new businesses are popping up it's nice to see that people still appreciate the beauty and design of an old building. You can check out the list yourself just scroll all the way down to "Texas" in the story at Architectural Digest.

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