Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo have teamed with songwriter Linda Perry to make "Shine," a new single released to help launch their new Shine Together Movement.

The track, which you can hear above and is available for purchase now, is timed to capitalize on the momentum established by the Women's March on Washington held Jan. 21, and echoes Shine Together's mission statement of "[inspiring] women through song to support each other and affect positive change in our government and the world." The track finds Benatar and longtime musical partner (and husband) Giraldo working alongside hit producer and songwriter Linda Perry, all three "leading the charge to organize and empower women to stand together, strong and proud."

"Shine" is selling for $.69 — less than the standard $.99 or $1.29 most digital tracks list for — in order to highlight the gender wage gap, which has become a far greater part of the public conversation in recent years as a series of prominent women have shared their own experiences.

Proceeds from sales of "Shine" have been earmarked for the B.A. Rudolph Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting women pursuing careers in public service and/or government.

As Benatar told People, the song's genesis stemmed in part from her personal frustration at not being able to attend the Jan. 21 march in person. And although she stressed that she isn't out to "bash" any particular political figure, Benatar forcefully argued in favor of uniting people from all backgrounds to "try to put the brakes on what's about to happen" with regards to a variety of issues.

"My whole mantra is that if you raise up one group, everyone benefits," argued Benatar. "So we’re trying to raise up all groups. This is an inclusive movement. It’s great for all of us to be out there, raising our voices and speaking up, but we need real change, and real people in place to make sure that change happens."

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