It's hard to find someone not connected to one social network or another. It's become a way of life, but for parents it might be really important to be "connected".  Not just to check on your kids, but for a better relationship too!     

According to new study: half of teenagers connect with their parents on social network sites, and that 16 per cent interact with their parents through social media every day.

The study showed that the teens that were Facebook friends with their parents felt more connected to and closer to them in the real world.

Another reason to follow your kids:

(The) survey of nearly 500 families also showed that teenagers who interact with their parents on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are kinder, more generous, and are more helpful towards other people.

Parents don't go to far! The study also showed to your kids will unfollow or unfriend you if you start posting anything that will embarrass them!

Are you friends on Facebook with your kids or on other social networks? Do your kids let you follow them or is that just a big No-No?

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