Have you ever thought how creepy it is when you are looking for something online and then you go to your Facebook page and it starts showing you information on where to buy the item you were just looking at? Basically, Facebook is watching what you do even when you're Not on Facebook! The good news is you can turn that feature off in your settings.   

It was a big wake-up call for a lot of us a couple of weeks ago on just how big, Big Tech really is. Yes, they seem to be monitoring our every move on the internet. Not just what we do on Facebook but different websites we go to and the different apps we have as well. Talk about a sneaky thing to do. Over the weekend I found a video that may just turn off all of that monitoring or should I say spying. The fix is hidden in the Facebook settings!

The video below will show you how to do this on your Facebook app on your phone and then it will show you how to stop them monitoring your off-Facebook activity on your desktop too. Supposedly this setting was added almost a year ago with one of the Facebook updates I just wish they had been honest about it all in the beginning instead of being all creepy and just adding that setting without letting us know!



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